About us

Hello and welcome to Only-handmade.

Our mission is to provide products closer to nature, maximizing the human experience in our environments.

 There is a sustainable solution to any design problem and that solution lies at the intersection of people, planet, and profit. In other words, we create an organization that serves the people profitably without compromising the needs of the planet.

It is said that whoever plants a tree, plants a hope. For millennia, we have adapted to the world around us and rested on Mother Nature to provide for our needs. But as man-made climate change accelerates, we can not sit idle and watch our world turn into dust.

That's why we take a stand. By adopting a new way of living with and not against nature.

Our warehouse is located in Portugal, who is the largest producer of cork in the world, but we ship throw Spain. All our products are handmade, only natural and have the highest quality. 

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